Katatni: petrol crisis in all the provinces means it is artificial

Dr. Saad Katatni President of the People,  The more than 70 urgentrequest for information about the decrease of petroleum products inall provinces, made ​​by the
House of Representatives to discuss this topic, stressing that the existence of crisis in all the provinces means that it fabricated .. This is unacceptable

He Katatni - During the Council meeting Tuesday -  we need to know what do you do the government to end this crisis, pointing outthat it is not reasonable to leave the Council legislation and pay attention to these things, as well as unreasonable to instigate the government crisis of the Council

For his part, promised Judge Mohammed al-Attiya, Minister of the People's Assembly and Shura Council in the presence of ministers of petroleum and logistics for the session tomorrow to give astatement about the crisis 

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