Yemenis to arrive in Sana'a to participate in the Friday "Our demand retribution"

Arrive on Friday morning, groups of young Yemenis and the rebels and Aljmaheraly the capital Sana'a as a prelude to organize demonstrations and rallies after Friday prayers Street sixty largest He, DC and the field of change in the Friday "retribution our demand" to express their support with the continuation of the peaceful revolution and stand against attempts to tamper with Balmkzbat and achievements in Yemen and their aspiration to move forward in the implementation of the initiative and its mechanism of chronic Gulf

Ukraine accuses Chechen and Kazakh plotting to assassinate Putin

Ukrainian authorities have accused Chechen and Kazakh Adam Osmajiev Byanzin Elijah of conspiring to assassinate the Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin and other leading Russian figures, based on the directives of the leader of the "Caucasus Emirate" Doku Umarov

U.S. priest who heads a delegation of religious symbols to visit Syria

Said the priest and human rights activist Jesse Jackson, U.S. It is now working to pave the way for the delegation headed by He andincludes a number of religious symbols to visit Syria, in order tocalm the crisis situation due to the repressive practices committed by the regime of Bashar al-Assad in the right of the protesters

U.S. military announces deport the suspect to the crime of Toulouse, France

French prosecutor said on Wednesday that the U.S. military hasdeported suspected crime Toulouse to France after his arrest in Afghanistan, said the defendant Francois Moulin, told reporters thatthe Afghan police arrested a young man then handed over to the U.S. military, which put it on the first plane to France

Military shoot and break into radio and television station in Mali

Launched the Military Financial angry fire, on Wednesday, inBamako, while they were storming the Office of Radio and Televisionof Mali,

Pictures .. Sarkozy to attend the funeral of the bodies of three soldiers French

Attended by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his cabinet members in the military funeral of the three who assassinated last week south of France, along with five of the presidential candidates are Francois Hollande, Marine Le Pen, Francois Bayrou, Eva Joly, Nicolas Dupont Oajnon

Clinton: Statement of the Security Council on Syria is a positive step

Praised U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday the UN Security Council, to adopt a common position supportive of theendeavor and the United Nations envoy for the League of Arab Syria, Kofi Annan, to end the violence, and urged President Bashar al-Assad on the behavior of this road out of the crisis

China buys bonds and treasury bills in support of the Egyptian economy Egyptian

Continued Mohammed Amr, Minister of Foreign Affairs of his talks in the Chinese capital Beijing, where he met Wednesday afternoon with Mr. Jean Ping Qi, Vice President of China, following the end of his talks with his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi, which lasted for nearly three hours

European Union of Egypt officially freezing the funds of the former regime

Received the Judicial Committee of the recovery of funds smuggled abroad by the former regime, Wednesday formal notification from the European Union stating the renewal of the Union to freeze thefunds of the former regime for another year as of 19 March

Arab Parliament rejected a military solution in Syria

Parliament stressed the Arab rejection of any interference in the internal affairs of the Syrian and his keenness on the unity of Syria, a land and people and the sovereignty and independence of the Syrian people

Assad's regime used Hbihh Iranians .. And the high death toll to 52

Accused member of the Syrian Revolution Tenseekiet age Tallawy the regime of President Bashar al-Assad using Hbihh Iranians in the killings of intimidation and repression of demonstrators from the people of the province of Homs, pointing out that they are carrying out the kidnapping of women and children

Fatah: Hamas rejects Egyptian fuel purchase price, the global

Ahmed Assaf, a spokesman for the Fatah movement that the real reason behind the so-called Egyptian fuel crisis in Gaza is that Hamas refuses to buy fuel by the Egyptian world price and buy the Egyptian government, a dollar per liter of diesel

Anticipation of a declaration on Syria to the Security Council, Russia critical of Assad

Security Council members ended the 15 on Tuesday evening their discussions on the draft declaration supports the initiative of the international envoy to Syria and the Arab Kofi Annan, without reaching a formal agreement to lift them to a modified version for possible adoption on Wednesday morning

Pope Shenouda was buried at Wadi Natrun .. And the Church receive condolences tomorrow

Bury the body of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark Monastery of Anba Bishoy in Wadi Natrun, according to Usith

General Authority for the Syrian revolution: the high death toll to 60 dead

General Authority for Syrian revolt high numbers of dead today shot dead by Syrian security forces to 60 people throughout the countr

Katatni: petrol crisis in all the provinces means it is artificial

Dr. Saad Katatni President of the People,  The more than 70 urgentrequest for information about the decrease of petroleum products inall provinces, made ​​by the
House of Representatives to discuss this topic, stressing that the existence of crisis in all the provinces means that it fabricated .. This is unacceptable

EU gives Palestine $ 35 million to improve the living

Catherine Ashton signed the High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy European Union and European Commission Vice President, Monday, on behalf of the European Union, with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad financing agreements totaling $ 35 million

Amr: Agreement between the north and south Sudan step to resolve the outstanding issues

He Amr, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt to the satisfaction of reaching Sudan and South Sudan to the agreement between them on the settlement of some outstanding issues in the post-separation

12 deputies calling for the convening of the Kuwaiti National Assembly to discuss the repercussions of the strike

Provides 12 deputies in the Kuwaiti National Assembly a request to convene a special session next Thursday to discuss requests for increases in salaries and staff and the resulting strikes, work, and a desire to explore the opinion of the Government in this regard and to identify the directions in the treatment of such sensitive issue amid calls for a representative of the strikers off the strike in order to the national interest

Amnesty: NATO failure in the investigation of civilian deaths in Libya

Amnesty International said Monday that NATO has failed to properly investigate the civilian deaths caused by the Libyan air strikes by aircraft or in the payment of compensation