Anticipation of a declaration on Syria to the Security Council, Russia critical of Assad

Security Council members ended the 15 on Tuesday evening their discussions on the draft declaration supports the initiative of the international envoy to Syria and the Arab Kofi Annan, without reaching a formal agreement to lift them to a modified version for possible adoption on Wednesday morning
Russia Tuesday criticized Syrian President Bashar Assad at a time when research by members of the UN Security Council draft declaration is designed to support the mediation of UN envoy's Kofi Annan and the pressure on Syria, but without reaching a formal agreement

The diplomats said that members of the Security Council of the 15 have completed their discussions on Tuesday evening on a draft presidential declaration made by France supports the initiative of the international envoy to Syria and the Arab Kofi Annan, without reaching a formal agreement and to raise them for the possibility of a modified version adopted on Wednesday morning

According to the French Ambassador Gerard Arrow will provide France "new text" In the event did not object to any state member of the Security Council, the official adoption of this statement in the Security Council will be Wednesday morning

The draft calls for "presidential declaration" Syrian President Bashar Assad to "full and immediate implementation" of the settlement plan of the six points put forward by Annan during his talks in Damascus. Deals with the text, obtained by AFP, a copy of the six points in detail, including an end to violence and a commitment to the gradual cease-fire and to provide humanitarian aid and launch a political dialogue

An early draft of the declaration referred to "additional measures" is defined in the case did not apply the six points. According to diplomats, the new text may refer to "previous steps," a formula that is less powerful and less threatening

And it comes with "a presidential declaration" must be approved unanimously and he does not carry the force of the decision.However, according to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Russia's ally Syria refuses to take the declaration, "the form of (grant) deadline," the Syrian regime

Nevertheless considered Lavrov said in an interview with Radio Kommersant that Russia "believes that the Syrian leadership responded incorrectly on the first manifestations of peaceful protests. Despite promises many to respond to our calls, committed many mistakes," adding that "things are going really in the right direction long overdue

The statements come at a time have several references to the possibility of change in Russian position, which has been so far, and faithful in their support of the Damascus regime

And met with international and Arab envoy to Syria's Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the Arab League, Arab, Nabil Tuesday in Geneva, where he stressed "the importance of the (direct), a unified message from the international community 

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