Fatah: Hamas rejects Egyptian fuel purchase price, the global

Ahmed Assaf, a spokesman for the Fatah movement that the real reason behind the so-called Egyptian fuel crisis in Gaza is that Hamas refuses to buy fuel by the Egyptian world price and buy the Egyptian government, a dollar per liter of diesel

Said Assaf said in a statement Wednesday,  Hamas wants to buy diesel Egyptian price, backed by the Government of Egypt for the Egyptian citizen or half shekels per liter, to sell it to the citizen in Gaza in four to five shekels according to the needs citizen to him, and a large difference at the price goes back to her

The Assaf that the Palestinian National Authority on the instructions of President Mahmoud Abbas are meeting their responsibilities Gaza Strip despite the Hamas takeover since 2007, "The commitment to spending did not stop for one day, as it spent a month $ 120 million on the Gaza Strip, and the total amount spent insector since a coup in 2007 and so far $ 7 billion, "explaining that the Palestinian Authority to pay salaries for about 80 thousand employees and covers the expenses of education, health and the price of electricity, and other social situations

In response to comments by Ismail Haniyeh, prime minister of Hamas government in Gaza, that his government is the city, said Assaf,  We assume that it has a surplus of billions of dollars they collect money not spent on something, which is dedicated to the trade of all kinds, particularly trade tunnels until the number of millionaires Hamas more than 600 new millionaire, in a time when the Palestinian people are the most difficult circumstances

He said Assaf,  The other thing done by the Hamas government is to load responsibility for each failure and inability of the National Authority and the Fatah movement, and to absolve themselves of any responsibility," he asked, "Have you heard that Hamas girl one school or a hospital since 2007? Is she a description of the school or Is hospital room to one meter paved street to a destructive?, did not score the so-called Hamas government responsible for the education of Palestinian children or treatment of a patient or compelled person relief or subsidy need permission so how can it be condemned

As for the education sector, said Ahmed Assaf, a spokesman for the Fatah movement that the national authority over the government paid the salaries of employees in this sector in full and all the needs of other school books and school maintenance 

"In the health sector, the Authority shall pay the national salaries of employees in the sector's 8150 employees, and the price of medicines," adding that what is on medicines to Gaza in 2011 amounted to NIS 40 million, and was transferred 17 thousand patients for treatment abroad, as well as purchase medical devices, instead of maintenance, fuel and medical supplies, "noting that the Hamas government control of the hospital by force of arms and drug selling the sender free of charge and take the price of the sick and injured citizens of the expense

In the electricity sector, Assaf said that the National Authority paid monthly to the Israeli side NIS 50 million instead of 120 Meevawat is all that shines now Gaza, the Hamas government, whereupon collects bills and take them for her

He accused Assaf Hamas government that it has the second largest theft of Palestinian lands after the occupation authorities, having sold and allocated and granted in violation of all laws millions of square meters of the area of ​​public land which is originally the property of the people of the sector, and distributed a part of this land to their leaders and used the remaining part in the Parks and large farms and the proceeds go to their leaders, and established a commercial and residential communities for trade instead of sheltering thousands of displaced families, or building schools and hospitals 

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