China buys bonds and treasury bills in support of the Egyptian economy Egyptian

Continued Mohammed Amr, Minister of Foreign Affairs of his talks in the Chinese capital Beijing, where he met Wednesday afternoon with Mr. Jean Ping Qi, Vice President of China, following the end of his talks with his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi, which lasted for nearly three hours
Said Minister Plenipotentiary Amr Roshdy Spokesman and visited the State, in a press statement, that the Minister Amr had focused during his meeting with Vice President, a meeting, which was also attended by Chinese Foreign Minister, on how China's support for the Egyptian economy and to assist to overcome the liquidity crisis the temporary passes by, Whether through the purchase of bonds and treasury bills Egyptian or increase its imports from the Egyptian market, as the minister pointed to the importance-headed Egypt's continued cooperation with China in the second stage of the special economic zone North West Gulf of Suez, pointing out that this would be a positive message-driven leadership Chinese to the world its confidence in the durability and the future of the Egyptian economy

The Vice President of China on the continuation of China's support for Egypt and its confidence in the orientation of Egypt's stability and the return of its economy to continue growing, adding to the aspiration of China for the establishment of Egypt to play a greater role in political affairs, international, also stressed the keenness of China on the success of the Special Economic Zone and its willingness to cooperate with Egypt to overcome any obstacles that might hinder the projectThe spokesman added that the minister, Mohammed Amr also pointed to Egypt's aspiration to receive greater numbers of Chinese tourists, something which is underwritten by Mr. Ping stressed Chinese government's support for the flow of tourists from the citizens of Egypt, pointing out that his country was lifted last year's warnings to visit archeological sites in Egypt to encourage Chinese companies to send tour groups to EgyptAt a press conference held at the Egyptian embassy after the talks, Foreign Minister that the kidnapping of some Chinese workers in the Sinai, recently was certainly not directed against them specifically, but was within the framework of the demands of some of the Egyptians, has been dealing with the situation in a peaceful and returned the workers are all to their country without minimal harm, and Amr that the Egyptian government to ensure the safety of individuals, companies and Chinese investment in EgyptIn response to another question, he denied Mohammed Amr that Chinese officials have raised with him any concerns with the rise of religious movements in the countries of Arab spring, where he pointed out that the fact of the matter is that Chinese officials have expressed their respect fully the decision of the Egyptian people and their right to choose the political system in the country, and stressed their desire to further strengthen relations with Egypt 

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