European Union of Egypt officially freezing the funds of the former regime

Received the Judicial Committee of the recovery of funds smuggled abroad by the former regime, Wednesday formal notification from the European Union stating the renewal of the Union to freeze thefunds of the former regime for another year as of 19 March
The chancellor said Asim essential Judiciary Committee Chairmanin a statement Wednesday that the decision came at the request of the Judiciary Committee, on behalf of Egypt

On a related matter in the framework of the Commission's effortscontinued to recover funds Egypt smuggled abroad, he met withJudiciary Committee today with the Ambassador of Switzerland in Cairo, the headquarters of the graftwhere they were talking about the latest developments relating to requests for judicial assistanceposition of proceedings before the Swiss courts and the difficultiesfacing the Committee in light of the obligations under the United Nations Convention against Corruption on the signatories to the Convention with regard to Egypt's efforts to restore the moneysmuggled abroad 

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