Military shoot and break into radio and television station in Mali

Launched the Military Financial angry fire, on Wednesday, inBamako, while they were storming the Office of Radio and Televisionof Mali, and announced one of those military personnel who weredozens in the streets, firing in the air, and raise the terror among the population, "We are tired of the situation in the North "The country,which is located a victim of the Tuareg rebel movement and the activities of radical Islamic groups

The soldiers marched a few hours before firing in the air in the camp of Kate at a distance of fifteen kilometers from Bamako, to demand the arming appropriate to the fighting in the north, and declaredKaboral in the camp on condition of anonymity, "We wantammunition to go to fight the Tuareg rebels, enough is enough." He added that "the defense minister came this morning to Katie, but he did not convince us 

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