Pictures .. Sarkozy to attend the funeral of the bodies of three soldiers French

Attended by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his cabinet members in the military funeral of the three who assassinated last week south of France, along with five of the presidential candidates are Francois Hollande, Marine Le Pen, Francois Bayrou, Eva Joly, Nicolas Dupont Oajnon
And killed paratrooper named Imad Ben Zaatn in an ambush by a man riding a motorcycle gave him a date, and said he wanted to buy him a motorcycle, then paratroopers in Montauban are Abdul Aelchenov and Mohamed commanders were killed on a sidewalks that city on March 15 last year, and another was seriously wounded,The three soldiers were killed out of a Maghreb
He praised Sarkozy, in his speech after a minute's silence for the souls of the victims, the courage the French military, pointing out that the duty of the military is to defend the security of the country and die for "France in order to live a French values," asserting that the perpetrator of the crimes of the three is a person who "terrorist," pointing out that these are the military offender intentionally killed because they belong to the French army, which was targeted by "criminal

He added, "Sarkozy" that the military who have been targeted, and despite differences in affiliation and beliefs, but they are sons of the French people who work to defend the country and commended the members of the paratroopers who lost during the past years, nearly 40 element during military operations abroad


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