U.S. priest who heads a delegation of religious symbols to visit Syria

Said the priest and human rights activist Jesse Jackson, U.S. It is now working to pave the way for the delegation headed by He andincludes a number of religious symbols to visit Syria, in order tocalm the crisis situation due to the repressive practices committed by the regime of Bashar al-Assad in the right of the protesters

The network quoted "ABC News" America for Jackson saying to his presence in Geneva, Switzerland, said the delegation shared by a number of religious symbols from different countries, pointing out that this delegation is seeking to go first to the Russian capitalMoscow, then to Damascus, and that in the event allowed Syrian authorities to access it

Jackson did not say the names of the participants in this delegation,but made it clear that the delegation will put pressure on the Syrian regime for a ceasefire and allow humanitarian access to those in need Almsaadlat and start political talks between the regime and the opposition

It is noteworthy that Jackson has a long history in mediating this type of conflict, and who has ever met with Bashar al-Assad before the start of a revolution of the people against the Syrian regime 

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