Yemenis to arrive in Sana'a to participate in the Friday "Our demand retribution"

Arrive on Friday morning, groups of young Yemenis and the rebels and Aljmaheraly the capital Sana'a as a prelude to organize demonstrations and rallies after Friday prayers Street sixty largest He, DC and the field of change in the Friday "retribution our demand" to express their support with the continuation of the peaceful revolution and stand against attempts to tamper with Balmkzbat and achievements in Yemen and their aspiration to move forward in the implementation of the initiative and its mechanism of chronic Gulf
The source said a right in the yard of the change in Sana'a - in a statement Friday: "The scene tense throughout last night, with the platform to call for blood donations for the hospital field, while preparing for the order to confiscate weapons and sticks, iron and withdrawn from the protestors."
He added,  The Organizing Committee has failed to control the independent youth because of full control of them by the Shi'ite demonstrators inside the arena
In contrast, supporters of former President Yahya Ali Abdullah Saleh, the field of seventy evening concert in the capital Sanaa, a technical and a mass meeting to celebrate the Day of March 21, which marks the Birth festival for the benefit of seventy

On the other hand dawn on Friday morning by unknown explosive device planted near the house of a leading Yemeni lead efforts against armed groups in Lauder major cities in the region of Central province of Abyan

The source said a Yemeni in a statement that the explosive device placed near the house of Mohammed Aidroos near the mosque of the four central Lauder but he did not cause the occurrence of damage to human causing Btahedam parts of the wall adjacent to the house "Aidroos" Although the explosion occurred amid a popular neighborhood crowded with local community but it happensthat moment the explosion took place without a present in the surrounding 

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